Light and Darkness of the World

“As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9:5 ESV

There is a need to better understand the world and its dynamics. The world is not light or dark of its own makeup. The world is rather driven by the aggregate of the people within the system. A dark, greedy world is a product of a system that is dominated by people driven by lust and corruption. A system dominated by people who love each other and display selflessness will reflect the light of heaven. It will be a beautiful world to behold.

God loves the world and wants the world saved, delivered, healed, and made whole (John 3: 16 – 17). He does this by positioning people under his influence in strategic places. The darkness in the world is generated by people under devilish influences. Every day, we see these two ideologies play out before us. Human beings have been determined to be free moral agents. With the choice to align with God or not. Your world can reflect the light of heaven, the greed of men, or the horrors of hell. It depends on which faction wields the most influence over it.

If the world belonged to the devils, then it would be illegal for God and his watchman to steer it towards any direction. That would amount to stealing territories from the devil. Which is absurd and ridiculous. God created the human beings that generate the world they live in. God continues to influence their world and raise watchmen that can steer it towards a better future. The dark world defined by greed and corruption is the result of Christians failing to function as a salt and light of the world. The world belongs to whoever is willing to put in the work. Why are you not willing to light up your world?

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