Leveraging Spirituality to Advance Knowledge and Technology

Let us start from the basics by acknowledging the Almighty God in his fullness and glory. Basic Christian theology teaches us that the Almighty God is omniscience (all-knowing), omnipotence (all-powerful), omnificence (all-creating) and omnipresence (all-present). We also understand that we act as God’s agent in the physical world and channel God into our world. The question then is this; if we could do anything by God, what should we be doing? If God makes it possible to do anything, what should you be doing? Well, of everything our connection to God makes possible. The most productive use case for spirituality is knowledge creation. We would be better off if more people leverage their spirituality towards advancing knowledge.

Being spiritual enables us to serve as a vehicle for the grace of God upon the dark world around us. We can pray and seek out the power of God to solve any problem we have. However, you need to understand that no problem is solved until the knowledge to solve it is available. It is better to grow in knowledge and invent a drug that cures headaches rather than rely on praying away headaches every time. For every hundred cases of headaches, the drug produced by the wisdom of God will cure more people than the healing sought by the power of God. We have not solved a problem unless we have solved it by application of knowledge.

The bible declares: “wisdom is the principal thing”. Intelligence, knowledge and wisdom are ranked higher than power. While you might love the ability to manifest the raw power of God to your world. The best way to serve your world is through knowledge and inventing better techniques through your connection to God. There should be no conflict between science and religion because they are both streams flowing from the throne of grace. The biggest drivers of change in the world are better knowledge, science and technology. You cannot build a better world around the “power of God”. You build it around the “wisdom of God”. That is why for real solutions, use your spirituality to advance science and technology.

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