On Moving Mountains

If your life’s work is to move mountains. You want God to work out some major socio-economic change through you. You have to make peace with the fact that it will not happen overnight. If something has been documented to require fifty years, it is not faith to think you can get it done in six months. Some things take time. If you are working hard on a challenging mission like reviving academic excellence and creativity amongst young people. Or creating a new country that can become an economic heavyweight. Or big ones like developing the technology stack that empowers people to live for 150 years and above. It will be slow and steady. And it might require a multi-decade approach.

Faith and patience work together. Show me a man of faith, and I will show you that the person also displays remarkable patience with the process. While you can read about the exploits of someone like King Uzziah within a few minutes (2 Chronicles 26:1 -15), you should also be reminded that his reign lasted over half a century. It took Christianity centuries to become the global phenomenon it is today. The temptations might be there to give up on such long term projects, but if you switch to moving molehills, stones and pebbles, sure – you will get the satisfaction that you are getting things done, but in the long run you will know within yourself that you ought to have done much more than just kicking stones around.

Most people devote their life to moving molehills, stones and pebbles. As such, they live unremarkable lives. Most of us need to look for the toughest mountains and start chipping away at it, chip by chip until it finally moves and craves to our will. When you study the works of people like Nikola Tesla (Wardenclyffe Tower), Elon Musk (SpaceX), and Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Alpha), you will understand what it takes to move mountains patiently. If the goal is to move mountains, then don’t expect too much to show too soon. Moving mountains will take some time. Moving a mountain will happen slowly, but we must stay steady.

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