Spirituality And The Need For Intellectual Development

Spiritual growth and development is incomplete without mental/intellectual growth and development. An uneducated, spiritual person is unable to maximize their spiritual giftings. This is because the mind has to process and make meaning of every spiritual signal and stimulation received. And an uneducated mind is limited in understanding and application of spiritual insights. The Bible talks about transformation by the renewal of your mind (Romans 12:2). Showing that the mind is a part of the spiritual transformation process. True spirituality should change the way you think. There should be a change in your perspectives on issues. We need a generation of people that are combining spirituality with knowledge and intellectual might.

Pastor Poju Oyemade once said, “A man who will allow the Spirit of God have total control over his thought life will require very little of the other things being peddled as necessary in order to succeed. The Holy Spirit revealing to us the thoughts of God for a situation and by Him maintaining those thoughts in our minds will work miracles through us. The last frontier for the Church is understanding how the Spirit of God employs the mind as its tool in order to manifest the immortal life and intelligence of God through us. Shortly, another breed of Christians will rise in this nation who will combine faith and divine intelligence.”

You are not really spiritual, if you are not improving the quality of your mind overtime. True spirituality will drive you to improve the quality of your thinking. The end goal of spirituality is intelligence. The intelligence that empowers you to operate at a higher consciousness than the unspiritual person. The quality of intelligence generated by your spirit is limited by your intellectual range. So, you want to improve your mind by getting a proper education. It is not a coincidence that the people that made the greatest impact in the bible were educated in their days. Moses (Acts 7:22), Daniel (Daniel 1:3-5), and Paul (Acts 22:3) to highlight a few.

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