On Make Money and Do Good

The ideology of “make money and do the good you can” must be condemned. It promotes the idea that you should make money anyhow you can and court divine favour by giving away some of the money. This mindset enables a lot of the societal evils that keeps the genuine watchman up at night. When we teach people that making money is all that matters. That you do not matter unless you have money, we are steering our world towards a very dangerous place. Today, people out there are ready to do anything they can to make money. They justify their methods and suppress their God-given conscience by giving money to the poor.

Let me illustrate with a quick example. While gambling, betting and prostitution are legal in a lot of places. These kinds of economic activities encourage ideas and behaviours that have no place in a progressive society. However, you now have people whose claim to entrepreneurial fame is building a betting business. And they are out there “doing good” and campaigning for political offices. I think the greatest good such people can do is to shut down the betting business. You might think I am being extreme, but this anyhow-ness has enabled the next generation to go all out. This is why yahoo-yahoo, ponzi schemes, and even money rituals are taking over society. Just make money and do good; ethics and morals be damned!

If you insist there is nothing wrong with “make money and do good” by giving to the poor. I would also insist that it is similar to excessive consumption of food and alcohol. It is not a crime, but it is not the way of a king. You can not expect anyone seriously thinking about functioning as the salt and light of the world to be driven by making money. You should be driven by solving problems in a way that is consistent and sustainable. We must reject a world where people are poor in values but possess paper money while failing to build any meaningful wealth.

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