You Should Do Something About It

It is a simple idea. If there are problems and challenges around you that you cannot seem to stop thinking about, you should do something about it. You might not think you have the means to do so and you would not be wrong, however there is something you are overlooking. We tend to underestimate what we are truly capable of if we put our minds into it. So, you might not have the means to do something about the problems and challenges around you, but you can grow into the person that can do something about it. You should lean in towards those problems you cannot stop thinking about. Start praying about them and then swing into action.

The people who make a difference with their work, their businesses, or non-profit organisations are people who decided to do something about the ideas in their head. It is a leap of faith. I have read many stories about people who identified problems in their world and then set out to do something about it. They set out even though they did not have the resources to get it done. They saw a gap in their society and realised that if a certain kind of organisation existed, it would close those gaps. God gives grace and you begin to attract resources, patronage and support over time as you step out in faith.

If all you have is the problem awareness and there is no clarity around what you could do. Your immediate task would be to pray about those problems. Do not stop at prayers. You should develop your mind and understand how to design change initiatives that seek to solve social and economic challenges in your world. Please think of an idea for a change initiative that you would like to implement in your world. It does not have to be a non-profit. In fact, you should not start a non-profit. Dream up and build out a business that solves the problems you have identified in a way that is sustainable and profitable.

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