Dominating The System Of The World

I think it is obvious that a watchman must be willing to dominate the system of the world by providing guidance and leadership. The world is clueless and cannot lead itself towards a better future. Life does not just get better, there are powerful forces that sway the world towards where they want it to go. We have to understand that most people simply live out their lives according to the course of their world. The dominant ideas in your society matters, and a watchman must see it as their responsibility to shape the culture. We must pursue change at a systematic level. 

The grace of God, the wisdom and power of God wielded by Christians should be put to work right here on earth. There are no problems to tackle in heaven. You do not need to heal the sick or design better economic models in heaven, they all exist solely on this plane of existence. The Bible makes it clear that human beings possess dominion over the earth, while heaven is the domain of God. You need to realize that within your spirit lies the power to make a positive difference in the world. This goes beyond your personal success and betterment, you can effect changes upon the course of this world. 

We need to do better than helping a few people to somehow rise above the odds and escape the mediocrity and underachievement inherent in their world. We have what it takes to make a rich and satisfactory life the normal course of our world. We can mould a world where people are more likely to lead a purposeful life than a mundane life. The system matters, and unless the system is dominated by what we refer to collectively as kingdom values, nothing will get done. By the grace of God within your spirit, you can make societal changes. 

Slave trade, communism, and hundreds of anti-biblical practices were ended by Christians that understood that they had the power and responsibility to change the course of their world. Now that it is your turn, what would you do?

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