Your turn to watch the World

When one looks beyond the doomsday headlines, trending topics, the urgency and the fast pace we have come to associate with daily living in this century, the future always looks bleak. However, the reality is that the quality of life actually improves over time and, for all the complaints we make about the modern world, nobody in the right sense would prefer to time travel permanently 500 years into the past, in search of a better life. If you wanted a better life, we seem to understand intuitively that you move forward in time, not backwards.

Nevertheless, our world advances not merely as a function of time, but rather due to the efforts of certain people. There are people who take it upon themselves to steer the world towards a brighter future. Every progress we have ever recorded collectively can be traced back to an individual or group of individuals that challenged the status quo, redefined what’s possible and moved civilisation forward. Everything we take for granted today, from fire to writing. Electricity and self-governing nations (democracy), represented a significant leap for the human race when the ideas appeared for the first time.

People that do the work of moving humanity forward have been called different kinds of names over the centuries like: light of the world, salt of the earth, entrepreneurs, and principal agents of change. Personally, I call them the Watchmen, because they literally watch over the world. The world cannot look out for itself, it requires a higher level of consciousness to take a glance at the world and understand the next step in the evolution of the society.

That is the reason for the existence of this platform. We want to share perspectives with as many as are willing to take up the responsibility to watch the world and steer it towards a better future.

That is why they watched the world.

That is why we must watch the world.

That is why they will watch the world.

It must be done.

And now, it is our turn. Shall we begin?

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