Thinking In The Clouds

When you are engrossed in the world of your own ideas and creations, it’s easy to lose touch with reality. Romans 12:3 advises against thinking too highly of oneself, emphasizing the importance of sober judgment. This principle is crucial in our work; when we become high-minded, we risk losing touch with the practical implications of our actions. Are you thinking of yourself more highly than you should? Romans 12:3 warns against such elevated self-perception. High-mindedness can disconnect you from reality, especially in your work, hindering sound judgment and decision-making. The quality and relevance of your work would reduce.

Consider the story of Elizabeth Holmes. Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos, a health technology company that aimed to revolutionize blood testing. She claimed that her company’s devices could perform a wide range of tests with just a few drops of blood, a promise that would have had revolutionary implications for the healthcare industry. However, as investigations unfolded, it became clear that Holmes had lied to investors, patients, and the public about the capabilities of Theranos technology. Her high-mindedness clouded her judgment. Ignoring advice and dismissing constructive criticism, Theranos went off-course. Holmes’ disconnect from reality led to costly mistakes, jeopardizing both her reputation and the quality of her work.

To keep a firm grasp on reality, understand that quality feedback is invaluable. Whether in business, ministry or creative endeavors, feedback serves as a reality check, revealing the genuine impact of your work. Embrace humility, inviting perspectives that ground your aspirations. In recognizing the value of constructive criticism, you invite a clearer understanding of your work’s worth and foster growth. It’s a humbling but necessary step to ensure your ideas don’t remain lofty clouds but find solid ground in the real world. Remember to always have some form of reality checks in your mission. These reality checks should guide your thinking, promoting humility for a more grounded, impactful journey.

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