How To Develop The Mindset For The Impossible

God parted the red sea for Moses and the children of Israel. For Joshua and his compatriots, he tore down the walls of Jericho. Over the last century, scientists, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders at all levels have acknowledged God’s grace in their outstanding achievements. The ability of God to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things is unquestionable. The point of contention is our ability to work with God to achieve success. You have to open your spiritual eyes to the vast possibilities available to you by faith. There are mountains to move, and fires to put out.

You need to stop being reasonable about the things you want to do with your life. Shut down your natural reasoning and tap into a higher mode of reason that is powered by faith in God. Consider the story of George Washington Carver, a brilliant scientist and devout Christian. He devoted his life to studying and teaching others about agriculture. Carver’s faith fueled his dedication to solving agricultural challenges. Through prayer and scientific inquiry, he discovered hundreds of uses for the peanut, sweet potato, and soybean, transforming the agricultural landscape of the American South. His work was a testament to the power of faith-driven determination.

The key is to recognise that with faith, we become co-laborers with God, rather than relying solely on our own abilities. You go from reason to faith, then back to reason within the context of faith. For every vision God seeds in your heart, you will still need to prayerfully think it through. Like Mary, you have to wonder “how can these things become a reality”? Making time to pray, think, meditate, and plan around the divine ideas in your heart will bring you closer to achieving what seemed impossible before.

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