Category: Watching the World

  • Your vision should not make sense

    A vision that originates from heaven can be confusing and overwhelming, and that’s OK. Sometimes we confuse having a vision for setting an ambitious target, but really, it is not the same thing. When you can successfully outline how the vision will play out from the beginning, it is probably not going to be a […]

  • From Grand Vision to Daily Tasks

    Your grand vision must be so clear that you can work on it every single day. There is a real risk that one is so impressed by the vision statement that writing down the vision statement becomes an achievement in itself. However, there is a clear difference between writing down a vision statement and actually implementing the vision.

  • We underestimate the work

    Great thinkers like to take pride in the high quality of their ideas, and rightly so, after all… certain quarters claim ideas rule the world. However, we know that even though generating good ideas or great once-in-a-lifetime ideas could be a lot of mental work, none of it counts if there is no excellence in […]

  • The visionary daily affair

    A great deal of visionary people out there fail to make any meaningful progress with their vision. I think this is because they somehow allow the grand vision to overwhelm them so much that it ends up becoming a dream. A vague idea that is never properly defined enough in order for any implementation to […]

  • Faith is not enough

    It takes faith to watch over the world and believe that one can somehow steer it in a different direction. However, it takes more than having faith to make a difference in the world. Faith in itself gives a person hope, comfort and strength to face the situation, but without the acquisition of the much-needed […]

  • Reducing The Scope Of Impossible

    What does it mean for something to be considered impossible? How certain are you that you can properly differentiate and distinguish between extremely difficult and impossible? It could be extremely difficult for you to single-handedly build a rocket and take a trip to the moon. Extremely difficult, but certainly not impossible. It would be easier, […]

  • Redefining impossible

    A wise man once said: “All of physics is either impossible or trivial. It is impossible until you understand it, and then, it becomes trivial” Ernest Rutherford I am wary of people who are quick to throw around the “impossible” word, or those quick to reject some new idea as not practical. It is neither […]

  • On planting a tree

    The best time to plant a tree is always twenty years ago, and the second-best time to plant the tree will always be now. This is nearly a universal truth. The analogy here is that the only way you can live your best life possible is when you get a chance to build upon the […]

  • Identify your mountain

    There is a mountain out there with your name all over it. Now, you have just got to find it. You could choose to do anything you like with your life, it is your life and your time after all, but then, you know deep down that you would never get a sense of fulfilment […]

  • Fighting battles and moving mountains

    It is fashionable to consider oneself a Watchman or shall we say a Superhero. However, we have to understand that choosing to watch over your world means you are ready to go beyond the mundane affairs of life and embrace a life of fighting battles, putting out fires and moving mountains. This is not in […]


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