Category: Watching the World

  • Reducing The Scope Of Impossible

    What does it mean for something to be considered impossible? How certain are you that you can properly differentiate and distinguish between extremely difficult and impossible? It could be extremely difficult for you to single-handedly build a rocket and take a trip to the moon. Extremely difficult, but certainly not impossible. It would be easier, […]

  • Redefining impossible

    A wise man once said: “All of physics is either impossible or trivial. It is impossible until you understand it, and then, it becomes trivial” Ernest Rutherford I am wary of people who are quick to throw around the “impossible” word, or those quick to reject some new idea as not practical. It is neither […]

  • On planting a tree

    The best time to plant a tree is always twenty years ago, and the second-best time to plant the tree will always be now. This is nearly a universal truth. The analogy here is that the only way you can live your best life possible is when you get a chance to build upon the […]

  • Identify your mountain

    There is a mountain out there with your name all over it. Now, you have just got to find it. You could choose to do anything you like with your life, it is your life and your time after all, but then, you know deep down that you would never get a sense of fulfilment […]

  • Fighting battles and moving mountains

    It is fashionable to consider oneself a Watchman or shall we say a Superhero. However, we have to understand that choosing to watch over your world means you are ready to go beyond the mundane affairs of life and embrace a life of fighting battles, putting out fires and moving mountains. This is not in […]

  • How to build a prosperous society

    Building a prosperous society is not as simple as flooding the community with cash. If it was a money problem, a government could easily mint as much money as it considers necessary and distribute to the poor communities, but it is not a money problem. This fundamentally reveals that poverty is not merely “absence” of […]

  • The Mastermind of Five

    If we could have five (5) people – a quintet that choose to lay aside their personal ambitions and fully, completely concentrate their energies upon a single vision they feel is worth pursuing, THERE IS NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE THAT CAN STOP THEM.

  • Stop thinking everything is a money problem

    There is nothing inherently bad or immoral with living a life that centres on doing business, an obsession with making money or earning a living somewhere. It is not a crime in itself, but be informed that society only works when we can get that balance of givers and takers. Therefore, we would rather claim […]

  • The (secret) key to greatness

    The key to greatness is selflessness. You achieve true greatness when you understand that at the highest levels of achievements and accomplishments, life is no longer about you. Selfishness and an unhealthy obsession with one’s personal advancement is actually an impediment on the road to greatness. It will be very hard to identify anyone operating […]

  • Success, fulfilment and making money

    There is success and fulfilment and then, there is making money. Human beings are wired to seek meaning and fulfilment in life, and while hunger, lack and scarcity might prove to be a more urgent need than fulfilment, it does not actually take much to quench the hunger pangs and begin to demand for more […]


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